Phazar Getting Bigger To Take on Bigger Projects

 - December 7, 2007, 6:16 AM

Phazar Flight Support at Meacham nternational Airport in Fort Worth, Texas, is expanding. In particular, its aircraft refurbishment center, due for completion this month, is growing. The new facility includes a 44,000-sq-ft hangar devoted to completion work and the company is already converting two MD-87 airliners to executive/VIP configuration. The cabins are designed to accommodate 19 passengers in comfort with a stateroom with private lavatory, two conference groupings with a berthable divan and a lounge area with full bar.

According to managing partner Brian Perryman, the number of airliners available for conversions is driving a boom in the refurbishment business. The two MD-87s now undergoing cabin conversion were retired and likely sold for about $14 million each. Both are being equipped with auxiliary fuel tanks that will give them a range of some 6,000 nm. The first MD-87 is scheduled for delivery next month and the second will follow a month later. A third MD-87 will be finished on spec and three more are possible. Perryman said Phazar is also bidding on a nearby 80,000-sq-ft hangar that it would convert to a combination completion facility and paint bay.