ATR Scores Big in India

 - December 10, 2007, 10:42 AM

ATR landed its biggest sale in recent memory last month when Indian budget airline Air Deccan agreed to take delivery of 30 new 72-seat ATR 72-500s over the next five years. The contract, disclosed during a joint press conference held January 6 in Bangalore, calls for Air Deccan to buy 15 airplanes and lease the other 15. It also calls for delivery of six used airplanes–three ATR 42-500s and three ATR 72-500s. ATR expects to start deliveries in May and ship between six and eight per year into 2009.
After expanding its fleet from four to nine ATR 42s since opening for business in 2003, Air Deccan already holds a 60-percent share of the 20- to 90-seat regional market in India. Its order for the high-density ATR 72s follows plans to lower fares even more to stimulate further demand. ATR and Air Deccan continue talks on establishing a new training center and parts network to support the plans.