Europe Extends ACAS II Exemptions to March 2006

 - December 10, 2007, 9:28 AM

Eurocontrol is offering equipment exemptions until March 31 next year for operators flying to Europe without ACAS II (TCAS with Change 7). A rash of problems related to obtaining necessary STCs and Service Bulletins, equipment non-availability and certification problems has been plaguing operators since before the original January 1 deadline, prompting the extension.

These problems have also delayed European plans to implement mode-S elementary surveillance on March 31 this year and mode-S enhanced surveillance by March 30, 2007 (see 'Eurocontrol postpones deadline for ELS mode-S implementation'). According to Eurocontrol, these problems are “affecting a number of Phase 2 aircraft operators who, for practical engineering, installation cost and scheduling considerations, are seeking to combine their ACAS II equipment installation with the installation of Mode-S transponder equipment to the required standards.”

The ACAS mandate applies to private and commercial turbine airplanes with an mtow of more than 12,500 pounds or more than 19 passenger seats.