Garmin Introduces Ready-to-Fly Handheld PDA

 - December 10, 2007, 9:19 AM

Garmin has added a long list of aviation-specific applications to its iQue 3600 Palm-powered personal digital assistant (PDA) to create a multitask handheld GPS navigator for pilots. The iQue 3600a comes pre-loaded with terrain warning software, Jeppesen navigation database and an electronic logbook, in addition to standard automotive turn-by-turn direction software and other applications.

The unit includes a small folding GPS antenna and a yoke-mount cradle with special buttons for Direct To, Nearest, Menu, Escape and Enter functions, similar to those found on Garmin’s handheld GPS receivers. In addition to the unit’s full-feature moving map, the iQue 3600a includes TAWS-like terrain and obstacle pop-up alerts, which appear on the unit’s 3.8-inch-diagonal color display.

List price for the iQue 3600a is $1,099. An optional auto kit is available for $219.