Premier acquires West Star Aviation

 - December 10, 2007, 12:41 PM

Premier Air Center, a maintenance specialist and full-service FBO at St. Louis Regional Airport, East Alton, Ill., has acquired West Star Aviation of Grand Junction, Colo. (GJT). The deal also includes West Star Avionics of Hiawatha, Iowa. The West Star FBO at GJT is a keystone in the ski-country marketplace. West Star’s operation is similar to Premier’s, with a focus on maintenance and modification, exterior paint, interior redesign and refurbishment, avionics installation and repair, as well as its line-service role.

In April last year, West Star acquired Timberline Aviation, its only competitor FBO at Grand Junction, and merged the two facilities. Premier Air Center originated in 1947 as Walson Aviation. Premier CEO Robert Raspberry assumes the presidency of West Star Aviation, replacing Bob Barry, who retired December 31. Premier v-p and general manager Mike Durst is now also general manager at West Star.