Garmin Approved for WAAS Precision Approaches

 - December 17, 2007, 6:11 AM

The Garmin GNS 480 all-in-one GPS/navcom is now approved for primary-means WAAS navigation and localizer precision with vertical guidance (LPV) approaches. According to Garmin, pilots flying with the $11,995 unit will be able to make “ILS-like” approaches into thousands of U.S. airports not served by ILS once the FAA implements LPV procedures. After a slow start, the agency says it plans to commission about 100 new LPV approaches next year as part of a nationwide rollout strategy. UPS Aviation Technologies originally developed the WAAS GPS receiver as the CNX-80, but Garmin changed the name to GNS 480 after it bought UPS-AT in July last year.