Hush-kit Rivals in Shouting Match

 - December 17, 2007, 6:02 AM

Stage III Technologies, which is still working to obtain certification of its thrust reverser for the Gulfstream II and III, claims that its Stage 3 hush kit averages at least 7 dB quieter than that of its only competitor, Quiet Technology Aerospace (QTA). While conceding that the Stage III system is “marginally” quieter (no more than 2.3 dB), QTA officials said, “Being quieter than Stage 3 doesn’t buy us anything in terms of added access.” Stage III Technologies currently has an STC for its hush kit on GII-SPs but won’t start installations until the hush kit is certified, scheduled for early next year. QTA’s STC applies to all versions of the GII and GIII, and since receiving an STC in January last year, the company has installed hush kits on 25 Gulfstreams.