Chelton Satcom signs deals with Embraer and Gulfstream

 - December 18, 2007, 7:44 AM

Chelton Satcom last month announced the signing of supplier contracts to provide high-speed-data equipment as customer options for the Embraer Legacy and Gulfstream G450/550.

For the Legacy, Chelton will make available its HSD-7000 high-speed-data system and HGA-7000 phased-array fuselage-mount antenna. The HSD-7000 system operates through Inmarsat’s Swift64 service and can be upgraded to SwiftBroadband, which will offer data rates of up to 432 kbps when it becomes operational in 2006. The HSD-7000 installation includes the fuselage-mounted HGA-7000 antenna, an SDU-7300 dual-channel Swift64 satellite data unit and a high-power amplifier.

If fed by a Chelton SRU-7000 satellite reference unit, the system can operate independently of the aircraft’s inertial reference system, allowing the sending and receiving of data while on the ground without the need to power up the ship’s avionics, according to Chelton.

Chelton’s satellite data unit uses a modem jointly developed with Nera SatCom of Oslo, Norway. The 3-MCU-size SDU-7300 provides two Swift64 channels to enable both circuit and packet switched data transfer, or the two channels can be linked to create a 128-kbps data channel. A solid-state mini-server eliminates the need for an external router, the manufacturer said, adding that slaving a second SDU-7300 to the system will provide a data connection of up to 256 kbps.

Satcom Antennas for Gulfstreams
Meanwhile, installations of tail-mount, mechanically steered Chelton HGA-6000 satcom antennas have begun on two G550s at the Gulfstream factory in Savannah, Ga. Gulfstream has designated these units as factory options for both the G550 and G450. An STC for the G550 installation is expected late this year, to be followed by certification in the G450 next spring.

The HGA-6000 antenna for aircraft that use tail radomes has the smallest available swept volume for a mechanically steered high-gain antenna, making it possible to install two antennas within housings in which only one can currently fit, Chelton said. The HGA-6000 is optimized for Ku-band emissions, which is vital when a satcom antenna is co-located with direct broadcast system or broadband multilink antennas, as on the Gulfstreams, according to Chelton.

The antenna achieves system weight savings as the first Aero-H/Swift64 unit able to accept steering commands directly from any Arinc 741-compatible satcom system, eliminating the need for a remote antenna control unit, the company claims.