CMC sensor selected for Falcon EVS

 - December 18, 2007, 7:23 AM

Notching an important contract win, CMC Electronics announced last month that it has been selected to provide the infrared (IR) camera/sensor package for the Rockwell Collins Flight Dynamics integrated EVS/HUD in the Dassault Falcon line, ending months of speculation about which supplier would land the coveted contract.

The CMC SureSight IR units will be integrated with the Flight Dynamics HGS-4860 HUD in a package offered to all future Dassault Falcon 2000EX, 900EX, 900DX and 7X buyers, according to the Montreal company. First installations of the Falcon EVS are scheduled for the second quarter of 2006.

Gulfstream is the only OEM currently offering a certified EVS, but several business jet makers are exploring the technology. Dassault, Bombardier, Boeing Business Jets and Cessna are close to bringing IR sensors to certain models. The FAA will allow lower straight-in minimums for airplanes built by Gulfstream, Dassault, Bombardier and Boeing Business Jets, which use HUD-based EVS designs.

Rick Beasley, CMC’s director of EVS, said the company is ready to begin delivering production hardware to Flight Dynamics beginning in January, a factor that apparently played a role in Dassault’s choice of supplier.

At last month’s NBAA Convention, CMC provided an overview of its position in the market, noting that the Thales EVS/HUD program for the Bombardier Global Express was on track to begin FAA and Transport Canada certification flights in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, Rockwell Collins Flight Dynamics has also named CMC to provide the EVS IR sensor for the BBJ and BBJ2.

Beasley said the FAA decision to allow lower approach minimums for EVS/HUD-equipped aircraft has widened the market for such systems. Flying with HUD-based EVS, pilots can descend below the 200-foot decision height on a Category I approach to 100 feet, provided they can see the airport environment through the HUD.