Global Express EVS Enters Final Test Stage

 - December 18, 2007, 7:31 AM

Bombardier has completed flight development testing of its enhanced vision system (EVS), a HUD-coupled package that uses a CMC Electronics infrared sensor and head-up display manufactured by Thales. The system has started certification flight testing, a regimen that Bombardier said will result in an amendment to the Global Express type certificate in next year’s first quarter. Bombardier and Thales have struck agreements with the FAA and Transport Canada for concurrent certification, and anticipate European approval after receipt of the joint North American sign-off. The EVS symbology is projected on the Thales HUD, which features a 40- by 26-degree display field. Once the system is approved, Global Express pilots will be able to achieve the lower landing minimums currently extended to EVS-equipped Gulfstreams.