Jet Aviation announces JetResponse service

 - December 18, 2007, 6:39 AM

Jet Aviation has announced a new AOG support service called Jet-Response. The main feature of the service, which will initially be available only in the U.S., is a one-call-fixes-all, toll-free telephone number (877-JET-HELP) to reach technicians who will coordinate the necessary response around the clock.

The company is not guaranteeing specific response times, which will vary according to the location of each AOG incident. Jet Aviation’s U.S. facilities are currently concentrated along the East Coast (Teterboro, N.J.; West Palm Beach, Fla. and Bedford, Mass.), although it also has a service center in Dallas. According to Jonathan Campbell, director of marketing for North America, the addition of new facilities further west is now “on our radar and receiving active consideration.” He added that JetResponse could extend to other parts of the world in the future. Jet Aviation has several substantial facilities in Europe, as well as operations in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Once JetResponse technicians have assessed the nature of the AOG issue, they will dispatch a maintenance team composed of avionics, airframe and powerplant specialists as required. They will also send to the site any necessary spare parts, diagnostic equipment, communications equipment and tools.

JetResponse is available to all Jet Aviation customers in the U.S. and applies to just about any business aircraft type. It is not a members-only program and no premium rates–above standard AOG charges– apply for services provided.

Earlier this year, Lufthansa Technik (LHT) and a group of partners launched a similar service, Platinet, through which it guarantees business aircraft operators a comprehensive “get me home” service in any AOG situation. The idea is that program members need only make a single telephone call to get all their problems solved at very short notice through its (800)-Platinet telephone number at any time of the day or night in some 46 different countries.

LHT has not disclosed the membership charges for the service but said that these vary according to the size and scope of a customer’s operation. In addition to the membership fee and the actual cost of services provided, customers pay a per-incident charge that varies according to how quickly they need to guarantee mobility in an AOG situation (within six hours, 24 hours and so on).