Local and regional business aviation associations flourish

 - December 18, 2007, 5:40 AM

The number of local business aviation advocacy groups has continued to swell to 49 associations as part of an attempt by business aviation users to involve more participants at the home-base level. Last year there were 43 such groups, a 40-percent increase from 2000.

While NBAA’s job is to promote and protect business aviation, its efforts over the last couple of years have focused primarily on federal issues, and for good reason in this post-9/11 world. To fill in the gaps, the organization has been fostering the development of local business aviation associations.

At the 2000 NBAA Convention, the association held a networking meeting for leaders of these groups. At that huddle, NBAA released a set of guidelines for local/regional business aviation groups. The document is a road map to help those interested in forming such an association with like-minded aviation professionals in the area.

In mid-2001 NBAA took a stronger role when it formed the Local Business Aviation Organization Committee. The standing committee, led by Arizona Business Aviation Association founder Richard Schuller until last month, is composed of representatives from local business aviation groups across the U.S. It held its first meeting at the 2001 NBAA Convention in New Orleans, and met again for the fourth time last month at the NBAA show in Las Vegas.

At the annual meeting last month, Schuller handed over the reins of the committee to corporate pilot Jim Ladd, who was elected leader of the group in March. Afterward, Jamie McIntyre of Montreal-based Romeo Oscar Marketing Communications updated members on a promotional CD that is designed to help foster new and existing local and regional business aviation associations.

Doug Schwartz, a corporate pilot and officer of the Morristown Aviation Association, also gave a presentation on community political relations. Before discussing new business, Ladd, NBAA vice president of membership Joe Ponte and NBAA West Coast representative Dan Burkhart spoke about what holds the individual local/regional business aviation groups together and shared best practices.

1. Addison Business Aviation Association
Addison, Texas
150 members
Contact: Jack Hopkins, president, (800) 248-1602 or Jhopkins@millionairdallas.com; Michael Tiller, (972) 267-4898; Mark Conrad, (972) 989-9086 or flydaddy@worldnet.att.net

2. Arizona Business Aviation Association

Scottsdale, Ariz.
Contact: Richard Schuller, (480) 948-3777 or rich_aerospace@att.net;
Brian Ready, (480) 991-1941 or bready@sri-ax.com; John Rudd, president,
(602) 327-7103 or jmrudd@cox.net
Web site: www.azbaa.org

3. Aviation Professionals Sharing Ideas
White Plains, N.Y.
335 members
Contact: Keith Ruggirello, chairman, (631) 588-5454 or keith@flyefi.com;
Wendi Gavigan, co-chairman, (914) 989-2301 or gaviganw@citigroup.com

4. Burbank Airport Users Group
Burbank, Calif.
Currently inactive
Contact: Tom Porter, (818) 842-4633 or tom.porter@disney.com

5. Business Aviation Professionals of New England
Nashua, N.H.
Contact: Holly Whitaker, (603) 881-8400 or holly@exclusive-air.com
Web site: www.bapne.org

6. Centennial Airport Business Pilots Association
Englewood, Colo.
100 members
Contact: Bill Payne, (303) 790-9019 or bill@wepayne.com

7. Central Iowa Business Aviation Association
Des Moines, Iowa
Contact: Bob Dickson, (515) 256-5517 or IowaBizav@aol.com

8. Chicago Area Business Aviation Association
Chicago, Ill.
Contact: Richard Del Frate, (847) 263-5793 or richard.delfrate@cnh.com;
George Yundt III, (312) 371-7551, (708) 349-2121 or george.yundt@falconjet.com
Web site: www.cabaa.com

9. Connecticut Business Aviation Association
East Granby, Conn.
Contact: Sandy Sanderson, (203) 267-4500 or psanderson@imshealth.com

10. Delaware Business Aviation Association
Wilmington, Del.
Contact: Neil Andrews, (302) 996-8000

11. Dulles Business Aviation Association
Washington, D.C.
Contact: Andrew Battleson, (703) 402-2347 or abattleson@adelphia.net
Web site: www.dbaa.tv

12. DuPage Pilots Association

St. Charles, Ill.
130 members
Contact: Dan Swanson, president, (630) 289-2581; Ken Kieffer, vice president, (847) 358-4355 or aerodine@aol.com

13. Eastern Region Helicopter Council
Sherman, Conn.
Contact: Diane Dowd, (914) 287-6643 or Diane.dowd@corporate.ge.com; Matt Zuccaro, (914) 238-1800 or tailroader@aol.com
Web site: www.erhc.org

14. Friends of Meacham International Airport Association

Fort Worth, Texas
50 members
Contact: Reed Pigman, (817) 624-8438 or rpigman@texasjet.com

15. Friends of Meigs Field

Chicago, Ill.
Contact: Steve Whitney, (773) 465-0388 or swhitney@friendsofmeigs.org;
Rachel Goodstein, (773) 248-4310 or rgoodstein@friendsofmeigs.org
Web site: www.friendsofmeigs.org

16. Georgia Business Aviation Association
Atlanta, Ga.
Contact: Mark Hewlett, (706) 644-8017 or mhewlett@tsys.com
Web site: www.gbaa.org

17. Greater St. Louis Business Aviation Association

Chesterfield, Mo.
Contact: Mike Mueller, (800) 222-0422 or mmueller@midcoast-aviation.com
Web site: www.gslbaa.org

18. Helicopter Operators of Texas
Pearland, Texas
Contact: James Thomas, (713) 641-0281

19. Houston Aviation Alliance
Houston, Texas
Contact: Shari Frisinger, (281) 992-4136 or thoughts@flash.net
Web site: www.HoustonAviationAlliance.com

20. Idaho Business Aviation Association
Boise, Idaho
Contact: Michael Pape, (208) 869-9929 or mpflys@aol.com

21. Indiana Business Aviation Association
Indianapolis, Ind.
Currently inactive
Contact: Mark Prall, (317) 841-9405 or mark.prall@att.net

22. Intercontinental Corporate Aviation Facility Operators Association
Houston, Texas
Contact: Jeanne Zito, (877) 959-8200 or Jzeto@tagaviation.com

23. Kansas City Business Aviation Association
Kansas City, Mo.
Contact: Jeff Daniels, (816) 274-3637 or jeff.daniels@kcbaa.org
Web site: www.kcbaa.org

24. Long Island Business Aviation Association
Farmingdale, N.Y.
50 members
Contact: Bill McShane, chairman, (631) 588-0303 or billm@lijet.com;
Rob Marinace, vice chairman, rob_marinace@nwjc.com
Web site: www.libba.org

25. Love Field Pilots Association
Dallas, Texas
Contact: Bob Chrampanis (214) 357-4036, (214) 357-4069
or bob_chrampanis@richards.com

26. Massachusetts Business Aviation Association
Bedford, Mass.
Contact: John Williams, (866) 473-6843
Web site: www.massav.org

27. Meacham Business Aviation Association
Fort Worth, Texas
Contact: Don Hansen, (817) 625-7251 or hansendon@prodigy.net

28. Michigan Business Aviation Association
Lansing, Mich.
Contact: Roger Salo, (734) 942-1100 or Roger_salo@mascohq.com

29. Mid-Atlantic Helicopter Association
Washington, D.C.
Contact: Ron Nimblett, (301) 912-2607 or rnimblett@aol.com

30. Minnesota Business Aviation Association
Minneapolis, Minn.
Contact: Lynn Teppen, (612) 727-2132, lteppen@charter.net or mbaa@mbaa-mn.org
Web site: www.mbaa-mn.org

31. Morristown Aviation Association
Morristown, N.J.
Contact: Kerry Ahearns, (973) 538-6400 or kerrya@mmuair.com;
Doug Schwartz, (973) 539-5795 or dougschwartz@att.com
Web site: www.maassociation.org

32. Nebraska Business Aviation Association
Omaha, Neb.
100 members
Contact: Jim Ladd, (402) 271-3262 or Jimladd@bigfoot.com;
Scott Robertson, president, (402) 344-0921 or Robertson@werner.com
Web site: www.nebaa.org

33. New England Helicopter Council

Natick, Mass.
Contact: Tom Grassia, (508) 650-9252 or tgrassia@gmllaw.com

34. New Jersey Aviation Association
Trenton, N.J.
Contact: Thomas Carver, (609) 599-3031 or njaacastle@erols.org
Web site: www.njaviation.org

35. New Mexico Aviation Users Coalition
Albuquerque, N.M.
Contact: Scott Atchison, (505) 898-8411 or (505) 249-6860

36. North Carolina Business Aviation Association

Raleigh, N.C.
Contact: Bill Graef, (919) 981-0444 or Billamg@aol.com;
Wes Maness, (336) 668-0411 or wmaness@atlantic-aero.com

37. Ohio Regional Aviation Association
Clayton, Ohio
Contact: Phil Roberts, (937) 833-1515 or Phil_Roberts@partraveltech.com

38. Pacific Northwest Business Aviation Association
Seattle, Wash.
Contact: Richard Keltner, (206) 768-0796 or RKelt@aol.com;
Mark McIntyre, (206) 768-7262 or mmcinty@attglobal.net
Web site: www.pnbaa.org

39. Pennsylvania Business Aviation Association
Harrisburg, Pa.
Contact: Louis Beemer, (717) 774-0145 or ljb@harrisburgjetcenter.com

40. Professional Helicopter Pilots Association
Burbank, Calif.
Contact: Jeff Miller, (818) 786-5723 or info@phpa.org

41. Race Team Aviation Association
Charlotte, N.C.
Contact: Ronnie Fountain, (704) 528-6717, Rfount0952@aol.com or rtaapilot@yahoo.com
Web site: www.rtaa.org

42. San Antonio Area Business Aviation Alliance
San Antonio, Texas
Contact: Robert Mapes, (210) 860-3404 or N119rm@redmac.net
Web site: www.saabaa.org

43. South Florida Business Aviation Association
West Palm Beach, Fla.
Contact: Robert Dowd, (561) 632-9660 or rmdowd@attglobal.net

44. Teterboro Users Group
Teterboro, N.J.
Contact: Peter Bellini, (201) 847-3399 or Peter_bellini@bd.com

45. Texas Aviation Association

Austin, Texas
Contact: Ken Koock, (512) 303-1750 or kkoock@smithsys.net
Web site: www.txaa.org

46. Westchester Aviation Association

White Plains, N.Y.
Contact: Berl Brechner, (914) 941-7146 or bbrech@bestweb.net;
Jeff Lee, (914) 499-2922 or jeffl@us.ibm.com
Web site: www.westavia.com

47. Western Michigan Aircraft Association
Grand Rapids, Mich.
Contact: Glen Jones, (616) 956-1722 or gjones@steelcase.com

48. Wisconsin Business Aviation Association
Racine, Wis.
Contact: Fred Gammon, (414) 524-2215 or fred.d.gammon@jci.com;
David Mann, (262) 631-5620 or dmann@wbaa.aero
Web site: www.wbaa.aero

49. Women in Aviation–Space City Chapter
Houston, Texas
Contact: Laura Jolley, (281) 488-2167 or laurajolley@VT-B737.com;
Shari Frisinger, (281) 992-4136 or shari@cornerstonestrategiesllc.com