In The Works: Aviation Technology Group Javelin

 - December 18, 2007, 7:19 AM

Assembly and integration of the Aviation Technology Group Javelin prototype continues to accelerate at Soloy in Olympia, Wash. The company has joined the front and rear sections of the fuselage and will soon mate the wing with the fuselage. Electrical, flight control and fuel system components have been arriving from their respective suppliers and are now being installed.

An integrated FJ33-4 engine test is under way at Williams International to evaluate performance in conjunction with the Javelin’s 12-foot-long engine inlet ducts. The engines will be installed on the prototype after wing attachment and closeout of the aft fuselage following placement of critical systems components. Once the airplane rolls out on its own landing gear, it will undergo a series of ground tests before being partially disassembled and trucked to Mojave, Calif., where high-speed taxi trials will pave the way for first flight.

Refinement of the Javelin design for certification and production continues in parallel with construction of the prototype. This has included completion of a wind-tunnel test to evaluate the effectiveness of leading-edge flaps to reduce stall speeds. This testing will result in an improved wing, which will be retrofitted onto the prototype following its first flights.

Other design activity has focused on managing the weight and manufacturing cost of the intended production design. ATG is now solidifying its supplier base for design and manufacture of production Javelins.