In The Works: Citation CJ1+ and CJ2+

 - December 18, 2007, 7:16 AM

Cessna announced last month that it is upgrading the Citation CJ1 and CJ2 to add more value to the entry-level aircraft. To be known as the CJ1+ and CJ2+, the improved twinjets will incorporate many of the refinements built into the CJ3, including the larger sibling’s more feature-laden version of the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 integrated avionics system, in addition to other improvements. The $4.095 million CJ1+ and $5.525 million CJ2+ are block point changes starting with serial numbers 525-0600 and 525A-0300, respectively. These prices compare with a similarly equipped CJ1 at $4.144 million and a similarly equipped CJ2 at $5.644 million. The first CJ1+ made its maiden flight on October 8, with certification slated for next summer and deliveries starting late next year. The CJ2+ is expected to receive FAA approval next fall, followed by deliveries in early 2006.

The latest version of Pro Line 21 includes an integrated file information server; communications, navigation and surveillance systems that support data communications; an FMS-3000 flight management system; a digital quartz sensor AHS-3000 attitude heading reference system; broadcast graphical weather capability; and enhanced map overlays, among others. Other standard avionics in the CJ1+ and CJ2+ will include L-3’s Skywatch TCAS I and Landmark Class B TAWS. Optional flight-deck features include electronic charts and graphical weather service provided by Universal Weather & Aviation.

On the inside, the CJ2+ will look much the same as the CJ2, though the CJ1+ will get an interior makeover. In the cabin, the CJ1+ will sport LED lighting, updated cabin seats, modern cabinetry styling, a more refined cabin overhead and new manual window shades.

Both of the new variants will have upgraded Williams-Rolls FJ44 engines, which, unlike their predecessors, are equipped with a Goodrich FADEC. The new 1,941-pound-thrust FJ44-1AP turbofan on the CJ1+, which replaces the -1A engine on the CJ1, has a new fan and lighter interstage housing and borrows the FJ44-3A’s high-pressure compressor, low- and high-pressure turbines and forced mixer.

On the CJ2+, the Williams-Rolls FJ44-3A-24 offers better hot-and-high performance and improved efficiency over the original CJ2’s 2,400-pound-thrust FJ44-2C turbofan. The -24 variant is a derated, 2,400-pound-thrust version of the recently certified engine found on the CJ3. Absent on both the CJ1+ and CJ2+ are the thrust attenuators found on their predecessors. Other external improvements include wheel fairings on the CJ1+ and beefier brakes on the CJ2+.