ACM building terminal and hangar at San Jose

 - December 19, 2007, 6:49 AM

ACM Aviation has broken ground on a new, 17,000-sq-ft executive terminal with a 60,000-sq-ft hangar on the west side of Mineta San Jose International Airport. Upon completion of construction, planned for fall 2006, ACM Aviation will celebrate 25 years in business.

ACM president and CEO Jack Browning said, “We are doubling hangar space, and the hangar door height will increase to 28 feet to accommodate the Bombardier Global Express and Gulfstream 500 and 550.”

The new facilities are being built on 6.2 acres and constitute one element of a $3.2 billion expansion and modernization project at the airport. Browning said, “When our current lease expires in two years, we will be ready [to negotiate an extension] with a top-notch FBO that will set the standard for service and comfort.” Visitors entering from the street side will see a rotating display of classic and unusual automobiles. Browning said liberal use of glass, granite, tile, leather and finished wood will create a club-type atmosphere for both pilots and passengers.