Duncan Lincoln auctions RVSM slot

 - December 19, 2007, 10:58 AM

Duncan Aviation’s Lincoln, Neb. facility has entered into an agreement with Raytheon Aircraft to be the exclusive agent for Raytheon Aircraft parts, inventory and distribution (Rapid) to repair, overhaul, test and provide inventory logistics in support of the Rapid rotables program for Hawker landing gear. The agreement covers the Hawker 1A through 700, 800, 800XP and 1000. The company will provide 24/7 and AOG support in addition to a 24-hour AOG hotline.

Duncan Aviation also has an RVSM slot for the procrastinators among us. Next month, the company is running an “RVSM Procrastinator’s Special” auction on eBay with all proceeds (as well as a matching contribution from Duncan Aviation) going to The Nature Conservancy. Duncan Aviation is holding a Jan. 17, 2005, slot for an aircraft needing RVSM equipment installation and certification. That will allow the winning “procrastinator” to fly his business jet until a few days before the Jan. 20, 2005, DRVSM implementation deadline set by the FAA.

The slot is good for any aircraft for which Duncan Aviation has developed an RVSM solution or for which a factory Service Bulletin is available. The cost of the RVSM certification will be as quoted by Duncan Aviation and will be in addition to the cost of the slot. Duncan will donate the entire auction purchase price to the charity and will match the purchase price (up to $1,500) and pay all fees connected with listing the auction on eBay providing. Interested operators should contact Duncan for details before bidding.