Innotech Paints a Pretty Picture

 - January 2, 2008, 10:47 AM

Innotech Aviation of Montreal has begun construction of its new twin-bay aircraft paint facility at Pierre Trudeau International Airport in Dorval. The 41,000-sq-ft facility will accommodate aircraft as large as the Global Express XRS. According to v-p and general manager Rob Brooks, it will be “the most modern and technologically advanced hangar for high-quality paint applications in North America.” Features include the latest in filtration systems, independent waste-water cleaning, variable-speed airflow and electrostatic paint application. The paint bay is designed to ventilate and spray with a nose-to-tail cross-draft, which Brooks said will provide cleaner application, better adhesion and less paint waste than with more conventional paint application systems. The new hangar is scheduled for completion in May, and Innotech has begun scheduling projects.