Airwolf STC addresses Robinson Rotor Delamination

 - January 3, 2008, 5:49 AM

Airwolf Aerospace, a provider of firewall-forward accessories, has been awarded an FAA STC that the company claims will permanently prevent leading-edge skin delamination on Robinson R22 and R44 helicopter main rotor blades.

The factory Service Bulletin notes that main rotor blade skins begin to debond (separate) at the skin-to-spar bond line on the lower surface near the blade tip. Debonding can occur when the bond line is exposed to excessive erosion of the blade finish or when corrosion compromises the internal aluminum tip cap.

Robinson Helicopter’s solution is in the form of a Service Bulletin to inspect and address the problem using repeat-as-necessary paint applied to the affected areas.

Airwolf’s STC consists of a permanent, one-time application of Airwolf Rotor
Blade Protective Tape to the outer section of the main rotor blades. According to the company, water, dust, sand and other contaminants can’t penetrate the tape.