Hallmark Jet Center Gets a Monster Truck

 - January 4, 2008, 6:52 AM

Hallmark Jet Center at San Antonio International Airport (SAT), Texas, recently received this spanking new 6,000-gallon refueler. The truck incorporates some of the newest technology for refuelers, including a single-wrap underwing fueling reel housed in side cabinet. The programmable logic controller executes brake interlock functions electronically, “eliminating” problems associated with cold-weather freeze-ups. A panel display in the cab illustrates all interlock positions to increase safety margins. All fuel sense and drain lines are stainless steel. Hallmark leases its trucks from ExxonMobil and rotates them on a 24-month schedule. This truck replaces a two-year-old 5,000-gallon unit.

Hallmark Jet Center has been in operation since 1995 and ranked highest of all the FBOs at San Antonio in AIN’s 2002 annual FBO survey. It was 17th among FBOs nationwide. Hallmark general manager Park Jones told AIN that business-aircraft traffic volume has increased somewhat in the past several months, with a shift of customer demographics. He said, “We’re seeing an increase in jet traffic. It now constitutes 95- to 98 percent of our volume. We consider Hallmark to be the top FBO on the airport. We’re not the cheapest, so price-driven customers probably won’t visit Hallmark. For instance, leasing trucks like this one is more expensive. But we believe we provide the best equipment and the best service.”