Texas installing 10 AWOS units

 - January 4, 2008, 6:32 AM

The Texas Department of Transportation has awarded a $700,000 contract for 10 All Weather airport weather observation systems (AWOS). The company’s AWOS IIIP/T systems will be installed at selected Texas airports by year-end. The systems automatically sense wind speed, gusts and direction; temperature; relative humidity; dew point; altimeter setting; density altitude; visibility; cloud height; current weather; and thunderstorm information. Pilots can tune in a specific frequency to hear the real-time weather.

The new AWOS units will be installed at Cleburne Airport (F18); Comanche City Airport (7F9); Crockett Airport (T56) in Houston County; Edward County Airport (69R) in Rock Springs; Gatesville City Airport (05F); Gilmer Municipal Airport (4F4); Llano Municipal Airport (6R9); Mustang Beach Airport (2R8) in Port Aransas; Quidman Airport (3T1) in Wood County; and Sonora Municipal (E29).