Garmin Introduces GPS Fault-detection Software for GNS 430/530

 - January 9, 2008, 5:24 AM

Garmin announced the availability of fault-detection and exclusion (FDE) software for its GNS 430/530 GPS/navcom radios. According to a spokesman, FDE uses a mathematical algorithm to monitor the accuracy and reliability of GPS signals. Designed to detect erroneous GPS data, the software automatically excludes that data from the active navigation solution. Unlike receiver autonomous integrity monitoring (RAIM), which terminates GPS navigation if signal integrity is compromised, FDE allows the pilot to continue navigating. The FDE software also allows for certification of GPS as the primary means of navigation on remote and oceanic flights. Current GNS products are now being sold with the software and Garmin is providing it free to dealers for upgrades to radios in the field. Garmin also announced that its new GTX 330 mode-S transponder has received its initial STC, making the transponder the first to take advantage of the FAA’s Traffic Information System (TIS) for datalink traffic information.