In The Works: Gulfstream V & G550 (V-SP)

 - January 9, 2008, 3:47 AM

Since receiving FAA certification in December 1996, some 168 GVs have gone into service, 13 of them in Europe, but it wasn’t until October 31 last year that the Gulfstream V received its stamp of approval from the JAA. In a letter
addressed to Gulfstream Aerospace, the JAA “recommended that the National Aviation Authorities [of Europe], in accordance with the applicable provisions of JAR-21 Subpart N or equivalent procedural certification regulations, grant National Type Certification, or equivalent, to the Gulfstream V.” Gulfstream president Bill Boisture told AIN in late August, “We have spent the money–about $20 to $25 million–done the tests, done the work and now we have complied,” but he was reluctant at that time to speculate on when the JAA would grant approval. It finally came through on the last day of October, and Gulfstream quietly advised interested customers of the recommendation. However, under the current system, the civil aviation authorities of individual EU member countries do not have to adopt JAA aircraft certification approvals. The British CAA is notorious for adding its own requirements above those of previously satisfied aviation authorities. This is one of the obstacles that formation of the European Aviation Safety Agency is supposed to address.

Meanwhile, the G550 (previously designated the GV-SP) received provisional FAA certification on December 11 (see news brief on page 10). The long-range, large-cabin G550 has a base price of $44.75 million, a range of 6,750 nm with eight passengers and a max fuel load of 41,300 lb. Its lower priced GV-derivative sibling, the G500, has a base price of $37.5 million, a range of 5,800 nm with eight passengers and a max fuel load of 35,200 lb. Both models feature Gulfstream’s new four-LCD PlaneView integrated avionics system, but only the G550 includes as standard equipment the Gulfstream/ Kollsman enhanced vision system, Honeywell head-up display and a cabin local-area network, which are options on the G500.