Preliminary Report: Caravan crashes on ILS approach

 - January 16, 2008, 9:15 AM

CESSNA 208B, ROCKFORD, ILL., DEC. 17, 2002–During a night flight Cessna N277PM, operated by Planemasters as Flight 1627, collided with trees and terrain while on the ILS Runway 07 approach to the Greater Rockford Airport (RFD), Ill. The pilot was killed and the aircraft was destroyed. N277PM was operating under Part 135, transporting cargo for United Parcel Service at the time of the accident. TMC prevailed, IFR flight plan was filed. Flight 1627 originated in Decatur, Ill.

Flight 1627 was flying the ILS approach and had been cleared to land on Runway 7 when it disappeared from radar. The aircraft came to rest approximately two miles west-southwest of RFD, just north of the localizer for Runway 07. It descended through the trees and traveled about 300 feet before stopping. The main portion of the fuselage was located in a plowed field next to a tree line. The majority of the remainder of the wreckage was located in the wooded area.