FAA Wants New Seatbelts for TBM 700s

 - January 17, 2008, 11:42 AM

The fatal crash of a TBM 700 more than two years ago is just now leading to a proposed AD to require replacing the Anjou Aeronautique brand seatbelt/shoulder harnesses in 158 U.S.-registered examples of the turboprop single. In the March 26, 2001 accident–the airplane crashed seconds after taking off in IMC from Denver Centennial Airport–the pilot was found lying in the aft cabin, his shoulder harness attached to the seatbelt, but the seatbelt buckle broken. Subsequent “sharp yanks” on the remaining seatbelts in the accident aircraft and on those in several other TBM 700s resulted in the buckles snapping open every time. The NTSB told AIN that the TBM 700 involved in a fatal crash in Virginia last month had new seatbelts installed.