Collins High-speed Data Satcom Awarded Initial STC

 - January 22, 2008, 8:34 AM

The HST-900 data satcom from Rockwell Collins has received STC approval for installation in the Falcon 50, 900 and 900EX. The installation permits the use of Inmarsat Aero safety services in the cockpit and simultaneous voice and high-speed data in the cabin, a first for business aircraft, said Collins. In the passenger compartment, e-mail and Internet access is available using the Inmarsat Swift64 service, which provides 64-kbps digital data by satellite. The system is equipped with Ethernet, ISDN and RS-232 interfaces to enable Inmarsat Aero H/H+ services through a common 60-watt high-power amplifier and high-gain antenna. The Collins package requires installation of the $133,200 HST-900 data terminal, an existing or new satcom antenna and the SAT-906 amplifier. Pentastar Aviation of Waterford, Mich., performed the STC installation.