Max-Viz EVS Certified in Challenger 601

 - January 22, 2008, 8:13 AM

The FAA has approved a head-down display certification of the Max-Viz EVS-1000 enhanced vision system in a Challenger 601-3A. The $129,000 (installed) sensor and display package places a remote infrared camera in the top of the airplane’s tail fin and a dedicated 6.5-inch video-capable LCD in the cockpit. The installation, performed by Total Aircraft Services (TAS) of Van Nuys, Calif., marks the first time EVS has gained an STC that does not require HUD. Gregg Fawkes, Max-Viz president, said the company’s sensor technology offers flexibility for lower-cost EVS options, adding that STCs for a number of additional business jet types will be completed this year. The EVS-1000 uses an uncooled long-wave IR sensor that allows pilots to see through clouds, fog, haze and smoke during approach and landing. Max-Viz and TAS are now offering kits for Challenger 601 operators and claim downtime of three days. Max-Viz is hoping to entice operators of Bombardier RJs to install the device. Cessna last year selected the Max-Viz EVS for the Citation X and Sovereign. In addition, the company recently notched an order for the new EVS-2500 in a corporate-configured Boeing 767-200.