Matriculation looms for first CAM candidates

 - January 31, 2008, 6:20 AM

After four years of studying, the time has come for the test. The time is 8 a.m., October 6 at the NBAA Convention in Orlando, Fla., and the test is to determine designation of candidates as Certified Aviation Managers (CAM).

NBAA has been studying the idea of a CAM designation as an extension of its Professional Development Program since 1998. The goal, according to NBAA PDP representative Jay Evans, is to improve the quality of management within flight departments, and to offer a path for individuals in management positions through which they can enhance their careers by a demonstration of knowledge, skills and experience.

Evans said the association is prepared to accommodate some 100 candidates for the first administration of the test on October 6, the day before the official opening of the NBAA Convention. The test will consist of 175 multiple-choice questions, and those who successfully complete the exam will receive a CAM designation.

But Evans warns that there is more to the process than simply showing up with the $850 fee, sitting down and playing “multiple” guess. Candidates for the exam must have a minimum of “two years of experience in some facet of business aviation.” It may be in corporate flight departments. But it may also be as part of a number of other business aviation operations, including but not limited to aviation management, fractional ownership or Part 135.

Those with the experience may go to the association’s Web site ( to download an application, or may request an application by e-mail at The application form asks for, in addition to items of personal data, a list of past experience, education, training and business aviation experience. Candidates are also asked to include a typed, 500-word essay and two letters of reference. The essay should explain the candidate’s career goals and how certification as a CAM will further those goals. A “nominal fee,” still to be determined, will be charged to cover processing and screening. Qualified candidates will then be notified when and where to appear to take the test. The first exam will be given at the convention this fall.

According to Evans, completion of NBAA’s Professional Development Program will be “a great help” to those preparing for the CAM test. Competencies covered by the exam include leadership, personnel management, operations, technical and facilities services and business management.

Evans also added that the association plans to publish a CAM Study Guide, which was expected to be available by the end of last month.