Jet Aviation installs lighter and quieter Falcon 50 interior shell kit

 - February 4, 2008, 6:02 AM

As part of a Falcon 50 major cabin refurbishment, Jet Aviation recently completed the first installation of a new linear shell kit designed to transform a Falcon 50 interior into the near-equivalent of a Falcon 50EX cabin.

The new shell consists of a one-piece headliner and one-piece window line and includes downwash LED lighting and new MSA composite window panels. The kit not only weighs less than the liner components it replaces, but the thermal/acoustic properties of the new shell further reduce cabin noise. In the Falcon 50, it also has the advantage of providing three inches more headroom and an additional three inches in cabin width (at window level).

In the recently delivered Falcon 50, the shell was only part of a major interior makeover that also included new seat upholstery in gray leather; hand-tufted carpeting; Corian countertops in the galley and lavatory; partial refinish of the galley and lavatory cabinetry; refinish of the original walnut burl game tables; a major cockpit avionics upgrade; and new exterior paint.

The avionics upgrade, said Jim Harrison, director of completions and maintenance sales, was “one of the largest avionics packages we’ve ever installed.” It included Honeywell’s Mark V terrain awareness and warning system, a third Honeywell GNS-XLS flight management system, VHF/SAT airborne flight information service, Magnastar flight phone and a pulse lighting system for approaches.

The cabin avionics upgrade featured a Baker cabin management system with control panels at each seat for lighting and entertainment, two monitors and two DVD players.

The aircraft arrived at Jet Aviation’s West Palm Beach, Fla. facility on December 7 and was completed in 11 weeks, according to Harrison. He noted that downtime for subsequent refurbs that include the linear interior shell kit could vary considerably, depending on the extent of the refurbishment. Pricing for the kit alone begins at about $150,000. It is also available for installation in Falcon 20s and 200s.

Jet Aviation uploaded a weekly progress update of the job on its Web site. “It’s the
first time we’ve ever presented regular visual and narrative progress updates of an interior refurb,” said Harrison.