TIS-capable Bendix/King Transponder Gains TSO

 - February 4, 2008, 8:33 AM

The FAA has issued a TSO to Honeywell for the Bendix/King KT 73, a next-generation transponder that can receive data from ATC radar systems through the new, free-of-charge FAA traffic information service (TIS). Once picked up by the transponder, the TIS traffic data can be linked to a Honeywell Bendix/King MFD to alert pilots to as many as seven nearby aircraft using TCAS-like symbology. “The KT 73 is an affordable way to provide an immediate and significant improvement in safety for private pilots and their passengers,” said Dan Barks, Honeywell director of marketing business, regional and general aviation. The mode-S datalink KT 73 sells for a list price of $5,290.