RDT To Supply MedAire Monitors

 - February 6, 2008, 8:26 AM

Medical training and medical kit provider MedAire has named Remote Diagnostic Technologies (RDT) a preferred provider for remote vital-sign monitors used on board aircraft. The monitors allow on-board personnel to download pulse rates, blood pressure, video images and EKG results directly to physicians at MedAire’s MedLink global response center in Phoenix. Under the terms of the agreement, MedAire and RDT will jointly promote each other’s products and services to new and existing customers in the aviation and maritime industries. Graham Murphy, managing director for RDT, said “MedAire’s outstanding reputation and expertise” will ensure that the two companies have a successful partnership. James Williams, CEO of MedAire, added that his company could attest to RDT’s “high quality standards and high-performing equipment.”