FAA Fast-Tracks Runway Safety Measures

 - February 8, 2008, 11:11 AM

The FAA has proposed extending the enhanced standards for taxiway centerline markings to all 567 certified airports to reduce the risk of runway incursions. It is also recommending regular recurrent driver training for all who have access to the movement area and ramp areas at certified (FAR Part 139) airports.

The agency adopted the enhanced taxiway centerline as the standard at medium and large airports–those with more than 1.5 million enplanements. These 75 airports are required to upgrade their markings by June 30, and most have already completed the work.

The FAA is now proposing actions designed to help some smaller airports make the same safety improvements. Of the total of 567 airports, more than 300 are in some stage of voluntarily adopting the standard.

Following an August “Call to Action” by the FAA and industry leaders to mitigate runway incursions, the enhanced taxiway centerline standard was extended to all Part 139 airports and made mandatory for airport projects receiving federal funds under the Airport Grant Assistance and the Passenger Facility Charge programs. A December draft change to the Advisory Circular “Standard Airport Markings” would adopt the enhanced marking as standard signage at all certified airports.

The FAA is also recommending regular recurrent driver training for everyone with access to the movement area and ramp areas. The due date for public comments is February 26. As a result of the “Call to Action” 385 airports now require recurrent training for non-airport employees, such as FBOs or airline mechanics.