Honeywell Named RNP Consultant

 - February 8, 2008, 5:34 AM

The FAA has granted Honeywell approval to act as a consultant to business jet operators seeking approvals for required navigation performance special aircraft and aircrew authorization required (RNP SAAAR) instrument approach procedures. The endorsement closely followed an approval last month permitting PlaneView-equipped Gulfstreams to fly RNP SAAAR procedures, which take advantage of GPS and inertial reference sensors to create ultra-precise, predetermined flight paths that are loaded into an airplane’s flight-management computers. The FAA designation permits Honeywell to assist operators with the onerous RNP SAAAR approval process by providing RNP pilot training, navigation data validation, RNP monitoring and RNP prediction services. Honeywell also assisted the FAA with the creation of one of the first RNP SAAAR approaches at a GA airport, using its own Gulfstream G450 and G550 to validate the procedure to Runway 5 at Morristown Municipal Airport in New Jersey.