Rosen and Elliott Reduce Noise To Improve Cabin Sound

 - February 8, 2008, 10:14 AM

Cabin entertainment provider Rosen Aviation and cabin completion and refurbishment specialist Elliott Aviation have joined forces to create a noise-canceling solution combined with an in-flight entertainment system for the King Air 200, 300 and 350. Elliott’s sound management system incorporates UltraQuiet active noise control. The technology continuously samples interior noise through microphones, sending the information to a digital processor that generates mirror-image sound waves of the same amplitude opposite polarity. The mirror-image waves, broadcast through strategically placed speakers, cancel the unwanted noise.

The package, already in service on some 400 aircraft, adds 79 pounds and requires approximately two weeks for installation. In combination with the SMS, Elliott is offering Rosen Aviation’s RosenView VX cabin entertainment system with 10.4-inch LCD display. The system provides passengers with a moving map, DVD player input and auxiliary input capability for personal hand-held devices such as video iPods or video gaming systems.