TEB training tool available online

 - February 27, 2008, 9:15 AM

Teterboro Airport (TEB) has adopted a training tool developed by Raleigh, N.C.-based Noverant to help pilots prepare for flights into and out of the busy northern New Jersey airport. Noverant’s system distributes and tracks training that is delivered electronically, and the company helped Teterboro Airport distribute materials for its noise-abatement compliance training in electronic format. The course is accessible to anyone connected to the Internet.

The Teterboro training is free to current Noverant subscribers and illustrates the utility of the Noverant system.

The TEB course is fairly simple and includes the airport diagram, TEB Five Departure, the airport’s “request to operate jet aircraft” with the terms that pilots must agree to before they can fly jets into Teterboro and the 49-page airport operations guide.
The course is not an interactive, computer-based training module; rather, it basically asks the user to read and understand the airport material. Teterboro publishes this material itself, too, and any pilot can request it from the airport. But the Noverant system makes the Teterboro information easy to access and, more important, easy to keep updated and distributed. Noverant clients can choose to develop more interactive courses if they want to spend the money. But for Teterboro’s purpose, which is to get the information to as many pilots as possible at no cost, the non-interactive presentation works fine.

“Our primary objective is to make up-to-date information and training as accessible as possible,” said Dennis O’Connor, manager of noise and environmental compliance at AvPorts, which runs Teterboro Airport. “By placing our regulations on the Web through Noverant, we’re ensuring easy compliance with good-neighbor policies that the community wants operators and passengers to follow.”

Noverant offers another free course, TSA-approved flight school security awareness training, which is mandatory for all flight instructors. The course content is nothing new for anyone who has taken the TSA flight school security awareness training, but it’s handy to have Noverant keep a record of completion of the training and send notices when the recurrent training is due.

In addition to packaging and distributing training modules, Noverant also tracks who took the training for compliance purposes. Charter operators, for example, can use Noverant to distribute and track mandatory pilot training. When training is updated, Noverant notifies participants. It e-mails users the updated information and asks them to digitally sign the transcript to verify that they have viewed the new material.