Factual Report: Runway incursion at Teterboro

 - March 3, 2008, 5:42 AM

Gulfstream V/Hawker 800A, Teterboro, N.J., Dec. 27, 2007–An East Coast Jets Hawker 800A and a GV were involved in a runway incursion at Teterboro Airport while ground control training was in progress. The Hawker, ECJ Flight 81, landed on Runway 6 and was told by the certified local controller in the tower to “turn left at Taxiway Bravo if able, cross [Runway] One, contact ground.”

The ground controller undergoing training asked the tower local controller for approval for ECJ81 to taxi across Runway 1 at Taxiway B, and the local controller granted the request. The GV called tower for takeoff and was directed to position and hold on the approach end of Runway 1. The tower controller, who was responsible for two aircraft and had two previous operational errors with some similarities, cleared the GV for takeoff as ECJ81 was crossing the runway. The developmental ground controller reminded tower of the crossing, still in progress. Tower told ground to expedite the crossing of ECJ81 and did not cancel the takeoff clearance. The FAA estimated the clearance at 4,000 feet.