Robinson Delivers its 5,000th Helo

 - March 19, 2008, 9:48 AM

Robinson Helicopter delivered its first R22 piston single in October 1979. Exactly 24 years later, the Torrance, Calif. manufacturer delivered its 5,000th helicopter. This milestone represents the production of 3,489 R22s and 1,522 four-seat R44s. The 5,000th machine, an R44 Raven II, was shipped to National Airways, a Robinson dealer based in Lanseria, South Africa. In response to increasing demand, Robinson added to its workforce to increase production from 9.5 helicopters a week to 11 per week by the end of last month. The company also broke ground for an additional production facility. The 215,000-sq-ft facility is scheduled for completion by the middle of next year.