Preliminary Report: Aileron cable breaks on Citation VI

 - March 20, 2008, 4:58 AM

CESSNA 650, RAPID CITY, S.D., AUG. 29, 2003–At approximately 4:30 p.m. Cessna N651EJ experienced a right-wing aileron cable failure while cruising at FL390. The flight originated in Marion, Ill., destined for Rapid City (RAP) and was approximately 200 miles southeast of RAP when the incident occurred. The ATP-rated pilot-in-command, the commercial-rated copilot and seven passengers were not injured. There was minor damage to the Citation VI. The business flight was being conducted under FAR Part 91 on an IFR flight plan in VMC.

The captain reported that while in cruise flight with the autopilot engaged the airplane “rolled to the right.” The crew disconnected the autopilot and leveled the wings by maintaining constant left control-wheel deflection. He reported they were able to maintain control without any significant problems, and the airplane made an uneventful landing at RAP. Initial inspection of the right wing revealed that the aileron cable had failed near the outboard pulley just before the bellcrank.