Jet Repair signs Bombardier, Pentastar & Jet Corp.

 - April 2, 2008, 6:02 AM

Jet Repair Anywhere’s Wrench program provides a method for maintenance facilities to advertise to aircraft operators in need of maintenance. Bombardier, Pentastar Aviation and Jet Corp have all joined the program, which will make them accessible by 10 distinct search parameters, including location, specific aircraft and/or engine type as well as specialty services each facility provides.

The Tool program, on the other hand, was developed by Jet Repair Anywhere for owners and operators of aircraft to locate maintenance facilities, paying particular attention to convenience, compliance and safety. By signing up for the Tool program, Bombardier expects to enhance its customer service by helping Bombardier operators who call in with an AOG to find maintenance facilities worldwide, 24/7.

Pentastar and Jet Corp will use the Tool program to get their Part 135 fleet in the sky more quickly when they have mechanical issues away from base. The Tool program is available free of charge to customers who sign up for the Wrench program.