Texas Aviation Cites Growth, and Anticipates More of the Same

 - April 2, 2008, 9:49 AM

Past returns may not be proof of future growth, but Texas Aviation Services of Fort Worth, coming off record revenues in 2007, is betting on continued demand for its helicopter interior completion and refurbishment services. According to Texas Aviation president Tim Woodard, the company has 21 green and refurbishment projects currently in the works, in every category from VIP and electronic news gathering to emergency medical services and law enforcement. Woodard said Texas Aviation is “three times bigger than it was five years ago [and that] growth has doubled since 2006 and we’re looking at growth of about 30 percent in 2008.” Steve Towne, CEO and founder of parent company Ranger Aerospace, said Texas Aviation will probably deliver 48, “maybe 60,” finished helicopters this year.