Sabreliner RVSM Pricing Program Introduced

 - April 16, 2008, 5:29 AM

Sabreliner has developed a special “slot reservation” RVSM pricing structure for the Sabreliner 65. Reminding operators of the impending December 2004 scheduled implementation for domestic RVSM, Sabreliner is warning that “operators will run into modification capacity issues if they wait until the 11th hour.” Sabreliner has set up a special area on its Web site ( where operators can go to reserve an RVSM modification slot. The site details the number of slots available during a specified time period; offers operators a choice of two different avionics upgrade options (dual ADC-80s or dual ADC-87s); and outlines pricing for each avionics option. Sabreliner received FAA group RVSM certification for the Sabreliner 65 this past January (but it was inadvertently omitted from our RVSM survey box in the June issue, page 46).