First EVS Installed on In-service Gulfstream

 - April 17, 2008, 10:43 AM

Gulfstream has installed the first production enhanced vision system (EVS) on an in-service U.S. Air Force C-37A (the military version of the Gulfstream V). Flight testing of the system, an infrared camera and image combiner developed by Kollsman, was reported as “flawless.” Certified last September, EVS is available as an option on the GV and will be included as standard equipment on the new Gulfstream V-SP, the first example of which is slated for customer delivery late next year. EVS will also be offered for retrofit on in-service GIVs, according to Pres Henne, Gulfstream senior vice president of engineering. FAA certification of EVS in the GIV and GIV-SP is expected by year-end.