For Satcom Calls, One Number Does It All

 - April 17, 2008, 10:55 AM

Mobile Connect is the name of a new direct-dialing service for business aircraft passengers from Stratos Aeronautical Services of the UK and Honeywell. The service provides each customer with a personal telephone and fax number that never changes regardless of which corporate aircraft they are in at the time. Originally developed for airline passengers to forward their GSM cellphone number to a seatback airliner satellite phone, Mobile Connect has been expanded to business aviation to provide customers with a number they can use anywhere in the world and with any Inmarsat-compatible satcom system. Anticipated to be especially attractive to fractional-ownership fliers, who never know which airplane will arrive to whisk them away, Mobile Connect requires that the customer “check in” from the aircraft on which they are traveling so that the system knows where they are. The service is available through Honeywell OneLink.