Universal Avionics Certifies First Level-C EFB

 - April 18, 2008, 5:25 AM

Tucson, Ariz.-based Universal Avionics announced receipt of a TSO certifying the company’s Universal Cockpit Display, a handheld tablet computer with an 8.4-in. touchscreen. At a list price of $33,500, the handheld device is more expensive than other electronic flight bags (EFB) on the market, but it has the advantage of interfacing directly with the airplane’s FMS. Jeppesen approach charts, notams and airport information are downloaded from CD-ROM and stored in flash memory in the FAA level-C device’s remote-mounted computer. Flight plan departure and arrival information is then supplied to the display by the FMS, with prompts on the screen for calling up departure, arrival and approach charts and airport diagrams. Operators may also create aircraft-specific checklists and display live color video on the lightweight (2.7 lb) display. First installations of the unit are scheduled for this summer in a BBJ and Falcon 10, and Cessna is said to be exploring yoke-mounting options for use of the handheld computer in Citations.