Preliminary Report: Beechjet 400, Cleaveland, Ohio

 - April 21, 2008, 6:49 AM

BEECHJET 400, CLEVELAND, OHIO, MAY 8, 2002–Birds substantially damaged a Beechjet 400 operated by Georgia Jet while departing from the Burke Lakefront Airport (BKL). The ATP-certified pilots taxied out to depart Runway 6L. While taxiing, they saw a flock of birds sitting on the approach end of the runway. ATC cleared the Beechjet for takeoff and the crew taxied into position. Since the area seemed clear of birds, the crew applied power for takeoff. At the V1 call, the copilot saw more birds and alerted the pilot. The birds began to hit the aircraft and the pilot aborted the takeoff. An FAA inspector examined the right engine and found a fan blade embedded in the engine cowling.