In The Works: Diamond D-Jet

 - May 1, 2008, 1:17 PM

Diamond Aircraft is delaying the D-Jet program to install an engine with greater power output. The new engine is the -19 version of the Williams International FJ33-4A, delivering 1,900 pounds of thrust compared with the original -15’s 1,564 pounds. Coincidentally, that is almost the same engine change made by Spectrum Aeronautical with its S-33 Independence VLJ, switching from the FJ33-4A-15 to a 1,750-pound-thrust version of the -19. According to Diamond, the larger engine provides better bleed air handling and improved specific fuel consumption. Switching to the larger engine will delay the D-Jet program by about a year, so initial deliveries are now planned for next year’s second quarter. Current position holders will get the larger engine at the same price, $1.38 million (2006 dollars), but the price will increase for new orders.