Avidyne Identifies PFD Error Source

 - May 2, 2008, 5:39 AM

Following reports of incorrect altitude and airspeed indications by Avidyne Entegra EXP5000 primary flight displays, the FAA last month issued an airworthiness directive requiring cockpit placards and aircraft flight manual/pilot operating handbook limitations until affected displays can be repaired. The AD– which applies to King Airs fitted with the Alliant cockpit retrofit, Piper Meridians and several other models–identifies by serial number 487 affected PFDs that were sent to Avidyne’s service center in Melbourne, Fla., for air-data system upgrades and other maintenance between November and February.

Avidyne said it has traced the airspeed and altitude errors to a “service process” and “proceeded with extra caution by identifying any and every PFD” that went through the Melbourne facility.

Repairs will be made under warranty, according to an Avidyne statement. In the meantime, IFR flight with any PFD that is exhibiting the errors is prohibited starting on the AD’s effective date of April 10. According to the FAA, these errors “could result in airspeed/altitude mismanagement or spatial disorientation of the pilot with consequent loss of airplane control, inadequate traffic separation or controlled flight into terrain.”