Borescope manages and shares data globally

 - May 2, 2008, 7:53 AM

GE Sensing and Inspections has introduced the XLG3 borescope, which standardizes the inspection process and allows the user to manage it effectively.

“A well trained, experienced technician may be skilled with a borescope, but most shops have variability in their personnel and the XLG3 takes that variability out of the equation, improving the quality and reliability of the inspection,” a spokesman for the company told AIN. The device details the inspection procedure in a click-down menu format on the instrument’s display.

Once the technician completes the inspection, the instructions and photos of what was captured during the inspection are automatically attached for the purposes of a report. The system also captures the part name, number, tolerances and other data, and archives everything for comparative reference when conducting the next inspection.

Rhythm Software, available separately, is a data-management system that interfaces with the unit and enables the user to provide quick, consistent reports, expert review and analysis, data storage and trending, and the ability to send the information over the Internet. The software can also integrate inspection images from visual, radiographic and ultrasound equipment.