DOT Names Aviation ‘Czar’ for New York

 - May 5, 2008, 6:38 AM

Transportation Secretary Mary Peters has tapped Marie Kennington-Gardiner of Staten Island to serve as director of the New York Integration Office, created by the DOT last year as part of a coordinated effort to address chronic aviation delays in the New York region.

As the aviation “czar,” Kennington- Gardiner will coordinate regional airspace issues and all projects and initiatives addressing problems of congestion and delays in the New York metropolitan region. She most recently served as director of the Lower Manhattan Recovery Office to coordinate federal emergency transit investments following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Her previous FAA experience includes senior management positions in three FAA regions representing the entire East Coast.

In addition to naming an aviation czar, the Transportation Department has responded to last year’s delays in the New York region, some of the worst on record. This includes temporary hourly limits at JFK and Newark airports to allow for more flights more evenly spread out during the day, a series of rules to protect passengers and a new task force focused on helping airlines and airports do a better job of coordinating with each other and taking care of passengers in the event of lengthy ground delays.