Gore outfits VVIP 767 in record time

 - May 5, 2008, 7:03 AM

Gore Design Completions recently outfitted a Boeing 767-200ER in slightly less than six months, an accomplishment the San Antonio-based company claims is a record for the interior outfitting of a green widebody airliner in a VIP/ corporate configuration.

The big twinjet, turned over to Gore on February 9, was accepted by the client last month at the company’s leased San Antonio International Airport facility and later flown to an unidentified central Asian nation, where it is now in service in a head-of-state role.

According to Gore Design president and CEO Jerry Gore, the interior plan called for a presidential suite and office, executive-style guest seating area, staff seating section, electronics communications room and a crew lounge. Cabin avionics include broadband Internet access, ground/air video-conferencing capability and an extensive entertainment system. An LED edge-lighted wall panel features a hand-carved example of the national seal.

Gore Design Completions was founded in 2000 by the husband/wife team of Jerry and Kathy Gore, expanding on the original Gore Design design and engineering firm by the addition of interior components manufacturing and installation capabilities. Since 1989, Gore Design and Gore Design Completions has been involved in a variety of high-profile interior projects–from design to full completion–including a 767-300ER and a 737-800 for the People’s Republic of China, a BAC 1-11 for the Sacramento Kings basketball team and Round Ball One, a DC-9 for the Detroit Pistons. The facilities at San Antonio International Airport include 15,000 sq ft for design, engineering and administration, 30,000 sq ft of shop space and a 30,000-sq-ft interior installation hangar.

Jerry Gore said the company is currently bidding on three more air-transport interior projects–two Boeing Business Jets and a Boeing 757. He added that the company has the capacity to complete as many as three widebody interiors annually.