Cessna fuel card promises savings

 - May 6, 2008, 11:28 AM

Cessna Aircraft chairman and CEO Russ Meyer (right) and Avfuel Corp. president and CEO Craig Sincock on August 29 signed an agreement that will reduce fuel costs for operators of any Cessna turbine-powered aircraft. Operators signing up for the Cessna Contract Fuel Card program, which will take effect November 1, are expected to realize a 20- to 30-percent saving over retail on all jet-A purchases at the 266 participating FBOs in North America. Cardholders will also receive the same credit privileges through Shell Aviation fuel affiliates at international destinations.

After filling out and sending in a Cessna Contract Fuel Card application, the approved Cessna customer will be enrolled in the free program and will receive a personalized fuel card. Applications are available by calling (800) 448-1254. To receive the discounted fuel, the operator simply presents the card to the FBO offering Avfuel Contract Fuel. This program does not require any additional paperwork or call-ahead approvals to either Avfuel or a participating FBO.